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    Poster of the movie L'Argent
    Original lang.French, Latin
    CountriesFrance, Switzerland
    Run time1h25m
    GenreCriminal drama
    Directed byRobert Bresson
    Written byRobert Bresson, Leo Tolstoy


    While collecting payment from a Paris photography shop, hard-working fuel delivery man Yvon Targe (Christian Patey) is purposefully given counterfeit money without his knowledge. When Yvon innocently uses the bills to pay for his lunch later that day at a local café, he narrowly avoids arrest but loses his job. To support his family, Yvon takes a new job with a criminal element, but his life continues nevertheless to spiral downward into the depths of violence and despair.


    Christian Patey
    Caroline Lang
    Sylvie Van den Elsen
    Vincent Risterucci
    Michel Briguet
    Béatrice Tabourin
    Didier Baussy
    Marc Ernest Fourneau
    Bruno Lapeyre
    François-Marie Banier
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    Photo from the movie L'Argent

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