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    L'Année Prochaine

    Poster of the movie L'Année Prochaine

    L'Année Prochaine

    1h 45min
    2014     Drama     France/Belgium
    Original lang: French

    Clotilde and Aude are eighteen. They have always been best friends, growing up together in the same small village in the South of France. Despite their differences, they have a strong and exclusive friendship. With their contrasts they attract each other, and they seem to be enough for one another. But Clotilde, looking for something else, decides to leave to study in Paris the following year, after the baccalaureate. She takes Aude along with her in this departure far from their roots. Refusing to admit that their paths are separating little by little, Clotilde and Aude persuade themselves that their friendship can survive anything.

    Directed byVania Leturcq


    Constance Rousseau
    Jenna Thiam
    Julien Boisselier
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