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    K-9: P.I.

    Poster of the movie K-9: P.I.

    K-9: P.I.

    1h 35min
    2002     Action comedy     USA/Canada

    Detective Dooley (Belushi) eagerly anticipates a life of leisure after retirement, which is only hours away. But when he and his four-legged partner, Jerry Lee, stumble onto the armed robbery of a computer company, he suddenly finds himself in the doghouse: he is named a suspect, and his pension is frozen. In order to track down the real culprits, the fearless -- and partly furry -- crime-fighters work as private investigators in the world of high technology.

    Directed byRichard J_ Lewis
    Written bySteven Siegel, Scott Myers, Gary Scott Thompson, Ed Horowitz


    Jim Belushi
    Gary Basaraba
    Kevin Durand
    Michael Eklund
    Natassia Malthe
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