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    Joy House

    Joy House (1964)
    Les Félins
    Original lang.French, English
    Run time1h37m
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byRené Clément
    Written byRené Clément, Pascal Jardin


    Handsome gigolo Alain Delon, on the run from murderous thugs hired by the husband of one of his conquests, flees to the Riviera, where he takes refuge in a religious shelter operated by a rich, mysterious widow (Lola Albright). She hides him in her Gothic mansion, where he suddenly finds himself in a strange love triangle featuring the widow's sex-starved niece (Jane Fonda). The twists (and curves) just keep coming at Delon, who might be in more danger in his hiding place. René Clément returns to form with this terrific transitional noir with one foot in both the past and the future.


    Jane Fonda
    Alain Delon
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