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    Ivory Tower

    Ivory Tower (2010)

    CountriesCanada, France
    Run time1h15m
    Directed byAdam Traynor
    Written byWilliam Carney, Chilly Gonzales, Emilie Saada, Céline Sciamma, Tiga Sontag, Adam Traynor


    Two brothers share an unhealthy rivalry over the chessboard. Hershell (Chilly Gonzales) is a chess purist and prodigal son, while Thadeus (Tiga) is a disciplined, ruthless competitor. After 4 nomadic years in pursuit of his quixotic ideal of "Jazz Chess", Hershell comes home to find that Thadeus has become a successful but arrogant Canadian Chess Champion, engaged to marry Hershell's former sweetheart (Peaches). During the final match of the next Canadian-Chess-Championship, Thadeus is flustered by Hershell's Zen-like demeanor, and sets himself up for certain defeat. Who will be the Champion? Whose trophy will Marsha be?


    Tiga Sontag
    George Anthony
    Angie Beck
    Lil' Hamm
    Leslie Feist
    John Beck
    Joséphine Drai
    Gera Mellis
    Malcolm Nichols
    Benjamin Orrego
    Jessamyn Horsman
    Gina D'Orio
    Pilo Adrian Ilea
    Taylor Savvy
    Andre Vida
    Valérie Donzelli
    Stéphane Blanc
    Cécile Faye
    Linden Feist
    Salvador Vaughn
    Tex Styles
    Josh Lovejoy
    Maxwell Mohenu
    Malcolm Fraser
    Jeremy Stewart
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