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    Honey, I've Killed You

    Polish poster of the movie Honey, I've Killed You

    Honey, I've Killed You

    Kochanie, chyba cie zabilem     1h 25min
    2014     Action comedy     Poland
    Original lang: Polish

    Investigators Wierzbowski , tough and self-proclaimed follower of Dirty Harry, leads another partner to a nervous breakdown and limit the patience of his boss. His chief condemns him to the company officer Gras, morbidly superstitious specialist ... of paperwork. Unconventional duo quickly faces the greatest challenge of their career. All thanks to Jan, who unfortunately shot his unfaithful wife and her lover. Relentless cops move by trail of killer's victims. Suddenly, the list of victims begins to grow.

    Directed byJakub Niescierow
    Written byBartosz Kurowski, Jakub Niescierow


    Zbigniew Zamachowski
    Arkadiusz Jakubik
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