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    Poster of the movie Heyday!


    2h 00min
    2006     Drama     Canada

    The final days of WWII are turbulent ones for 16-year-old Terry Fleming - a sharp young man who fantasizes about working at the Airlines Hotel in Gander, Newfoundland where pilots and movie starlets rub shoulders with locals. Boasting the world's longest runway and poised on the eastern tip of the continent, Gander was the "Gateway to the World At War" and provided an unlikely outpost for Hollywood stars, dignitaries and servicemen en route overseas.

    When his mother becomes gravely ill and their house is quarantined, it is Terry's brilliant imagination that carries him on a poignant journey of love and longing. As he and his father (Peter MacNeill) wait out the verdict on his mother's health, big bands, bombers and babes alight in his mind. With a war outside and death rattling around upstairs, youth straddles adulthood when conjured-up love and laughter provide an antidote to Terry's fears.

    Directed byGordon Pinsent
    Written byGordon Pinsent


    Adam Butcher
    Peter MacNeill
    Joanne Kelly
    Mark McKinney
    Gordon Pinsent
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    Photo from the movie Heyday!

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