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    Heroes of Envell: Exit Game

    Poster of the movie Heroes of Envell: Exit Game

    Heroes of Envell: Exit Game

    1h 35min
    2020     Animation     Russia
    Original lang: Russian

    Welcome to the world of the computer game Heroes of Envell. This place is real, more real than you think. Obstacles, enemies, weapons - everything real is here. You want to leap across that chasm? Go for it, but you better really jump. The portal to the digital world is a mysterious laptop with whose help players enter and exit the game. Four students, Art, Vic, Phil, and Kira, accidentally found the gateway and landed in the world of Envell. Here, our heroes gain superpowers and learn that the evil final boss Morgarth is trying to escape into the real world and they are the only ones who can stop him. But our story isn't limited to just the world of Envell, after all players can leave the game whenever they like and go back to the real world. There other problems await our heroes - troubles with classmates, parents, and school. In short, the real world is no less dangerous than the game.

    Directed byAnton Lanshakov
    Written byYulia Ivanova
    CompanyCinémas GuzzoCinémas GuzzoCinémas Guzzo

    Featuring Voices of

    Evgeniy Mikheev
    Aaron Southerland
    Stephanie Southerland
    Andrey Shishkov
    Vitaliy Shcherbina




    9 months ago

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