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    Poster of the movie Giraffe


    1h 22min
    2019     Drama     Germany/Denmark
    Original lang: English, Danish, German, Polish

    Giraffe follows an ethnologist in her late thirties (Lisa Loven Kongsli) who has come to the remote island of Lolland in the south of Denmark. She's here to study its inhabitants and record their traditions and objects before their homes are demolished to make way for a tunnel linking to Germany. Unexpectedly, she meets an attractive younger man (Jakub Gierszal), a laborer who's been hired from Poland. Their beautifully etched love affair functions as the fictional centerpiece of an otherwise documentary-like exploration of belonging, memory, and work, featuring the island's real inhabitants, whose way of life is about to change forever.

    Directed byAnna Sofie Hartmann
    Written byAnna Sofie Hartmann


    Lisa Loven Kongsli
    Jakub Gierszal
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