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    Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

    German poster of the movie Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen
    Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012)
    Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim
    Original lang.German, Hungarian
    Run time1h24m
    GenreRomantic comedy
    Directed byGyörgy Pálfi
    Written byGyörgy Pálfi, Zsófia Ruttkay


    The real love film tells the story of the "real" man and the "real" woman. What is the real man in life? And the real woman? By recycling the celluloid heroes and heroines of 500 movies (the objects of so many dreams and desires) Gyorgy Palfi's collage film shows what they are like and also what happens when they meet.


    Brigitte Bardot
    Alain Delon
    Bruno Ganz
    Greta Garbo
    Rita Hayworth
    Marcello Mastroianni
    Jeanne Moreau
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