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    Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

    Poster of the movie Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

    Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

    1h 50min
    1996     Romantic drama     USA

    Biography of the life of Dorothy Day (Kelly). The title refers to the religious practice of treating all people, no matter how poor or humble, as if they were visiting angels. Day was a famous activist and philanthropist of the 20's and 30's. The film traces her growth - mostly spiritual and religious - as she left journalism to become a suffragette in Greenwich Village. Eventually, Day converted to Roman Catholicism and dedicated the rest of her life to helping the poor.

    Directed byMichael Ray Rhodes
    Written byJohn Wells


    Moira Kelly
    Martin Sheen
    Lenny von Dohlen
    Melinda Dillon
    Heather Graham
    Boyd Kestner
    Allyce Beasley
    Tracey Walter
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