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    Poster of the movie Downtown


    1h 36min
    1990     Action drama     USA

    In Downtown, Police Officer Alex Kearney (Anthony Edwards) works in a rich suburb of Philadelphia, where nothing bad ever happens. Alex enjoys his relaxed job, but when he stops a VIP for speeding, the police top brass send him to the Philly police version of purgatory, downtown. Downtown is the most brutal and crime-ridden district in Philadelphia. No cops downtown want to be Alex's partner. Because of his pampered, Boy Scout image, everyone is certain that Alex is going to get himself and his partner killed. Detective Dennis Curren (Forest Whitaker) gets the unlucky partner assignment. Dennis and Alex get off to a bad start, but we find out that Dennis is reluctant to become friends with Alex because he has lost a partner before, and does not want to get too close again. When Alex's best friend is murdered while investigating a car theft, Alex surprises everybody and breaks all the rules to track down the killer. Now, Alex also knows the feeling of losing a partner, and the two cops combine forces to take down a luxury car smuggling ring.

    Directed byRichard Benjamin
    Written byNat Mauldin
    Company20th Century Studios20th Century Studios20th Century Studios


    Anthony Edwards
    Forest Whitaker
    Penelope Ann Miller
    Joe Pantoliano
    Glenn Plummer
    Mike Pniewski
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