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    Japanese poster of the movie Dodes'ka-den


    2h 20min
    1970     Drama     Japan
    Original lang: Japanese

    A group of impoverished misfits inhabiting a Japanese landfill have experiences that are alternately joyful and disheartening. Young, disabled Roku-chan (Yoshitaka Zushi) spends his days in a fantasy world where he is the captain of an imaginary train, while his mother, Okuni (Kin Sugai), remains in constant prayer, rarely venturing out of her shanty. A homeless man and his child lovingly envision every detail of the home they wish they had money to build, and a mute girl has a tragic encounter.

    Directed byAkira Kurosawa
    Written byAkira Kurosawa, Hideo Oguni
    CompanyToho CompanyToho CompanyToho Company



    Yoshitaka Zushi
    Kin Sugai
    Toshiyuki Tonomura
    Shinsuke Minami
    Yûko Kusunoki
    Junzaburô Ban
    Kiyoko Tange
    Michio Hino
    Keiji Furuyama
    Tappei Shimokawa
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