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    Poster of the movie Dinosaurs


    TV Series     1991     Animation     USA

    A family of Dinosaurs, in the stone age, where dinosaurs are the masters of the world and the Sinclairs are the focus of the show. There is: Earl (the father), Fran (the mother), and three kids (one brother, one sister and the famous Baby Sinclair). It is similar to the Flintstones except it is inverted, in the sense that dinosaurs rule the planet and cavemen are their servants. They also have a neighbour who is a Brachiosaurus, and which only shows her head and neck but not her body. Also there is The Boss, who is a ferocius Triceratops. The best friend of Earl a T-Rex who is very timid and shy with women, and several other characters.


    Featuring Voices of

    Stuart Pankin
    Jessica Walter
    Sally Struthers
    Kevin Clash
    Sherman Hemsley
    Jeffrey Tambor
    Tony Shalhoub
    Jason Alexander
    Tim Curry
    Dan Castellaneta
    Michael McKean
    Richard Portnow
    Jon Polito
    David Warner
    Conchata Ferrell
    Christopher Meloni
    Sally Kellerman
    Edward Asner
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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