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    Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

    Poster of the movie Dans une galaxie près de chez vous
    Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (2004)
    Original lang.French
    Run time1h49m
    GenreSci-fi comedy
    Directed byClaude Desrosiers
    Written byPierre-Yves Bernard, Claude Legault
    CompanyTVA FilmsTVA FilmsTVA Films
    4 reviews9.0


    The year is 2035. The Earth's ozone layer has been completely depleted by carbon dioxide emissions from cars and chemical industries, and the planet is now baking under a pitiless sun. As a result, six billion people need a new home. Captain Charles Patenaude and his crew set off aboard the spaceship Romano Fafard to fulfill this mission. Their journey takes them to the outermost reaches of the universe - and into all sorts of crazy and wonderful adventures.


    Guy Jodoin
    Stéphane Crête
    Claude Legault
    Sylvie Moreau
    Didier Lucien
    Réal Bossé
    François Papineau
    Patrice Coquereau
    Fanny Mallette
    James Hyndman
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