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    Cold Squad

    Poster of the movie Cold Squad

    Cold Squad

    TV Series     1998     Criminal drama     Canada

    A team of Vancouver police detectives are responsible for investigating cases that are officially unsolved or "cold". They find an amount of success because of newer technology and additional information coming to light.


    Julie Stewart
    Garry Chalk
    Sonja Bennett
    Adrian Holmes
    JR Bourne
    Paul McGillion
    Serge Houde
    Clark Johnson
    Keegan Connor Tracy
    Jodelle Ferland
    Michael Eklund
    Brendan Fletcher
    Michael Ironside
    Peter Stebbings
    Lorena Gale
    Benz Antoine
    Aaron Douglas
    Michelle Harrison
    Chelah Horsdal
    Michael P. Northey
    Tyler Labine
    Tom Cavanagh
    Chad Faust
    Camille Sullivan
    Ryan Robbins
    David Paetkau
    Alistair Abell
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