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    Poster of the movie Baseline


    1h 36min
    2010     Action drama     United Kingdom

    Danny is a bouncer at the Baseline, a club in the dark heart of East London's grime scene. Clean-living and disciplined, he works through grueling shifts with his eye on a distant prize: opening a club of his own. One night, his prospects get an unexpected boost as he saves Terry, club owner and local crime boss, from a hitman. Danny's quick thinking earns him a promotion and a pay-raise. Suddenly, he's club manager, and settling down with the woman of his dreams. But success comes at a price. Joining Terry's crew plunges Danny deep into the brutal underworld he had tried so hard to avoid. An old friend is waiting to call in a debt bigger than Danny can repay. His fragile relationship with Terry and his enforcers is about to turn ugly. As his friend's life hangs in the balance, so do Danny's dreams. Caught in the fight of his life, he must choose between old loyalties and his own last hope of escape. Who will he have to become in order to take on a ruthless crime lord and win?

    Directed byBrendon O'Loughlin
    Written byRishi Opel, Freddie Connor, Sheraiah Larcher, Brendon O'Loughlin, Olivia Wakeford, Anit Bashar
    CompanyGoDigital Media GroupGoDigital Media GroupGoDigital Media Group


    Jamie Foreman
    Dexter Fletcher
    Zoë Tapper
    Guy Burnet
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