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    Poster of the movie Baby


    2008     Drama     USA

    BABY is the tragic tale of an Asian youth trapped in the seedy world of the hostess bars, pool halls and drug dens that characterize East LA gang life.

    Baby is a motherless 11-year-old with only an alcoholic father to raise him. His troubles multiply when he is taken under the wing of his gangster neighbor, Tommy, who leads him down a path that lands him in Juvenile Hall for manslaughter.

    After seven violent, terrifying years in prison, Baby is ill-equipped to re-enter society and soon returns to a life of gangbanging and murder. Only his childhood friends, Fat Petey and Sammy, offer him any hope of turning his life around before it's too late.

    Directed byJuwan Chung
    Written byJuwan Chung, Felix Chan


    David Huynh
    Feodor Chin
    Tzi Ma
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    Photo from the movie Baby
    Photo from the movie Baby
    Photo from the movie Baby
    Photo from the movie Baby

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