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    At Home with the Webbers

    Poster of the movie At Home with the Webbers

    At Home with the Webbers

    1h 58min
    1993     Comedy-drama     USA

    The Webbers are your average American family... so average, in fact, that they are selected by a television station to be the stars of their own TV show, "At Home with the Webbers." They are moved to a new house that has cameras and microphones installed in it, and paid to just live their lives as they usually would. Their activities are taped and broadcast to the eager public. Television is television, however, and it isn't long before the demands of the viewing public and their new lifestyle take their toll on the Webbers.

    Directed byBrad Marlowe
    Written byBrad Marlowe
    CompanyArtisan EntertainmentArtisan EntertainmentArtisan Entertainment


    Jeffrey Tambor
    Jennifer Tilly
    David Arquette
    Robby Benson
    Caroline Goodall
    Johnathon Schaech
    Luke Perry
    Alyssa Milano
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