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    Animal 2

    Poster of the movie Animal 2

    Animal 2

    1h 33min
    2008     Action drama     Canada/USA
    Original lang: English, French

    When convicted gangster James "Animal" Allen's son is framed for murder, Animal (Ving Rhames, Pulp Fiction) takes matters into his own hands. Soon, Animal, a man with a dark family past, finds that the crook setting his son up is a fellow prisoner.

    Directed byRyan Combs
    Written byJacob L. Adams
    CompanyGenius ProductsGenius ProductsGenius Products


    Ving Rhames
    Vicellous Reon Shannon
    Yannick Bisson
    Benz Antoine
    Kevin Duhaney
    Clé Bennett
    Mike Dopud
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