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Cinema Montreal
Guide for parents: Rated PG-13 in the USA.
Original lang.English / Arabic
CountriesUSA, Canada
Run time1h36m
Directed byCherien Dabis


Muna Farah, a Palestinian single mom, struggles to maintain her optimistic spirit in the daily grind of intimidating West Bank checkpoints, the constant nagging of a controlling mother, and the haunting shadows of a failed marriage. Everything changes one day when she receives a letter informing her that her family has been granted a U.S. green card. Reluctant to leave her homeland, but realizing it may be the only way to secure a future for Fadi, her teenage son, Muna decides to quit her job at the bank and visit her relatives in Illinois to see about a new life in a land that gives newcomers a run for their money.


Nisreen FaourMuna Farah
Melkar MuallemFadi Farah
Hiam AbbassRaghda Halaby
Alia ShawkatSalma Halaby

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