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Cinema Montreal

2001: A Space Travesty

Guide for parents: Rated R in the USA.
CountriesCanada, Germany
Run time1h39m
GenreSci-fi comedy
Directed byAllan A. Goldstein
CompanyEquinox Films


When bizarre reports come in that the President of the United States is being held hostage on a secret international moon base and has been replaced on Earth with a clone, the US Marshall Service sends Marshall Richard "Dick" Dix (Leslie Nielsen) to investigate. Dix departs for the moon on a space shuttle. When he arrives on the moon, he soon gets arrested by Pratt, the head of the moon base. However, Dix succeds to escape and smuggles the President back to Earth. What he doesn't know is that the President he is transporting is, in fact, the clone, part of a clever ploy designed by Pratt to take advantage of Dix's low IQ. When he realizes the mistake he has made, Dix desperately sets out to undo the damage he has caused.


Leslie Nielsen
Ophélie Winter
Ezio Greggio
Peter Egan
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld
Damien Masson
Pierre Edwards
David Fox
Sam Stone
Verona Pooth

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